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1 Accord Inc. provides transportation services throughout all of the greater Massachusetts area.

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Transportation costs are more economical than rising healthcare expenses. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) proves cost-effective, preventing health issues by transporting individuals for preventive care. Studies support increased NEMT spending for significant savings. Extending NEMT to the elderly and those with disabilities helps:

1. Eliminate Transportation Barriers
2. Prevent Missed Appointments
3. Decrease Chronic Disease Impact

This approach not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term cost savings through preventive healthcare.


1 Accord Inc. offers transportation services for patients requiring assistance in getting to and from their home or medical appointments, ensuring a reliable and supportive journey.

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We offers reliable and comfortable sedan services for medical appointments or everyday travel. Our professional drivers prioritize safety, providing a convenient and stylish transportation experience.

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Effortless accessibility for wheelchair patients is a top priority. Our drivers undergo expert training to proficiently handle both manual and automatic wheelchairs. Our vehicles feature hydraulic wheelchair lifts, ensuring seamless transportation for members unable to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat. If necessary, we provide wheelchairs for our members.
Accord Inc. offers reliable SUV transport for those needing assistance to and from homes or medical appointments.

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