About Us

1 Accord Inc. provides transportation services throughout all of the greater Massachusetts area.

About Us


Our company offers a range of specialized transportation solutions designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges. Our comprehensive services encompass door-to-door transportation for people who may have difficulty using traditional public transportation due to physical, cognitive, or sensory impairments. Our fleet of accessible vehicles is equipped with trained drivers who provide courteous and supportive assistance. We specialize in coordinating personalized transportation plans for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those needing transportation for medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, or community engagement. Whether it's a single ride or a recurring transportation arrangement, our Paratransit services focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and a commitment to enhancing the mobility and independence of our clients.

Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and reliable transit experience, offering flexibility in scheduling to accommodate diverse requirements.

Our Goal

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a consistently safe, comfortable, and reliable transit experience. We go the extra mile by providing flexibility in scheduling to accommodate a diverse range of requirements, prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of our passengers.